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Debadhara, New Delhi is an odishi dance organization, which promotes the synthetic gharana of Late Guru Debaprasad Das.This organization keeps on organizing events to promote and propagate the rich culture of India. Established in the year 2003, this organisation is single handedly managed by Guru Binayak Panda (Founder of Debadhara).

Every year Debadhara - Delhi organizes Debadhara Festivals of 'Indian Classical Dance & Music' to carry forward the legacy of Late Guru Debaprasad Das, one of the four founder fathers of the classical dance form of Odissi. These festivals feature world famous classical dance and music artists from different parts of the country.

The Debadhara Award is presented to talented classical dance and music artistes for their notable contribution towards their respective field of performing arts.

Debadhara Lineage

Guru Dr. Gajendra Kumar Panda

Guru Dr. Gajendra Kumar Panda

Mentor Debadhara Delhi

Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda, born in Lokanathpur, Chatarpur (Orissa), has developed to be a foremost custodian of the Late Guru Debaprasad Das parampara of Odissi.

Late Guru Debaprasad Das

Late Guru Debaprasad Das


Late Guru Deba Prasad Das, was an Indian classical dancer, considered by many as one of the four first generation gurus of the Indian classical dance form of Odissi. He was a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.

Guru Dr. Binayak Panda

Guru Dr. Binayak Panda

Founder Debadhara Delhi

Guru Binayak Panda is amongst the young Odissi dancers, continuing the legacy of the Late Guru Debaprasad Das. He started his dance career at a young age of nine, under the guidance of his elder brother Guru Gajendra Panda.

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